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Pro Companies

Not satisfied with your current Property Management Company?  Contact us now for an easy transition!

Management Companies

Agents and brokerage often work with management companies, or do property management themselves. Contact them.

Searching Is hard work

Look in as many places as you can. Often people don't look in some places! Look where others don't!  Be patient!

  • Never give out person info
  • Never "pay to view" 

​On-line Resources

  • Off-market rentals
  • Own mailing list and website

Paper Publications

A community welcome center or local grocery store will always have free publications on apartments and rentals.  Don't forget to look!

Searching is hard work

There are tons of resources to find a rental, but where do you start?  Of course, get on our mailing list for rentals first, but If you're like 95% of folks, you'll end up on Craigslist or just "Google it". The majority of rental listings end up on Craigslist and Apartment Finder, but you'll find scammers out there too.  Here's some quick tips and advice to help you get started.  

Rental scammers are getting more and more commonplace when it comes to on-line ads. It's an unfortunate part of our industry today.  You should never, EVER, give out your personal info (SSN, bank info, etc) when you're viewing a property, or scheduling the appointment to view.  You will need to provide that info on a rental application, but you never need to provide it just to get more info about a property or to get a viewing appointment.  Viewings are free and homeowners pay companies to find and screen tenants for them.  Always confirm you're dealing with an authorized agent or the owner.  When in doubt, ask for proof!

Finally, don't forget about the other 5%.  Look where other's aren't! You can find rentals with old fashioned paper listings as well, but agents will have their own properties posted off-market too!

Keep your Info Private

Rental scammers take your money and your identity.  Never give your personal info to view or get more info on a property.

  • Free apartment publications
  • Price/Market Analysis​